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Christchurch Botanical Urban Honey

Christchurch Botanical Urban Honey

NZ$ 12.00 (excl. GST)

Urban Honeybee Project
Harvested from the Christchurch Urban landscape. Christchurch Botanical Honey is the result of inner city bees that have foraged throughout Christchurch's parks and neighbourhood gardens in search of the perfect nectar source.
This honey is 100% local, (minimal food miles) and seasonally unique to its location and never to be repeated.
We extract the honey raw, we simply cream it, pack it by hand into jars, and label. We do not blend, over heat or fine filter our honey.

2015 Vintage
Our Christchurch Botanical honey has a wonderful complex flavour, bursting with a delicate floral aroma. Perfect spreading over your morning toast or drizzling over fresh fruit and yoghurt.


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  •    Weight: 340gm / 12oz net
  •    Vintage: 2015
  •    Beekeeper: Kevin
  •    Location: Christchurch

The urban honeybee project was first launched in Christchurch. Since the devastating earthquakes of 2010 and 2011 many suburbs have been left empty, many of these suburbs, although the houses have gone still have the flower and vegetable plots and old fruit trees creating an abundant selection of nectar and pollen for our busy bees to forage on - we want to bring life and purpose back into these areas.