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Beechwood Honeydew Squeezy

Beechwood Honeydew Squeezy

NZ$ 8.65 (excl. GST)

Our Beechwood Honeydew Honey is 100% pure and raw, nothing has been added or taken away. Conveniently packaged in a non drip, squeezable bottle.

Honey will solidify if stored in the fridge, to re-liquify, simply heat the honey bottle in warm water until the honey returns to the liquid state, shake occasionally to transfer heat, and replace the hot water if required.

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  •    Weight: 400g/14.1 oz Net
  •    Vintage: December 2015
  •    Beekeeper: Steven
  •    Location: Oxford, Canterbury

J. Friend and Co Beechwood Honeydew honey is harvested in the native Mountain Beech forests in the Mount Thomas, Oxford area in New Zealand's South Island. The high concentration of red beech trees in this region, as opposed to mainly black beech in other areas, creates a very floral honeydew.