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RewaRewa Honey

RewaRewa Honey

NZ$ 9.15 (excl. GST)

Rewarewa Honey is a naturally dark coloured honey, with a rich malty aroma. Not only does it lend itself to a variety of culinary applications Rewarewa honey has also been identified as having one of the highest hydrogen peroxide activity of any honey. These unique properties assist the defence mechanisms in the body to repair cells and kill harmful bacteria.

Honey Strength Medium


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  •    Weight: 160g/5.6oz net
  •    Vintage: January 2012
  •    Beekeeper: Shayne and Andrea
  •    Location: Port Charles, Coromandel

 Port Charles on the Coromandel Peninsula of the North Island is a rustic, relaxed and unspoiled area of New Zealand and is renowned for its brilliant beaches and rugged coastline.