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J. Friend and Co, NZ Artisan Manuka Honey is dark amber in colour. It is a rich nourishing honey with intense toffee and caramel flavours and coconut, woody, nutty notes. This honey has a slightly bitter lingering finish and a very smooth pleasant texture. Delicious eaten straight from the jar to help maintain inner balance and digestive health.

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  •    Weight: 160g/5.6oz net
  •    Vintage: February 2016
  •    Beekeeper: Steven
  •    Location: Oxford, Canterbury

Muzzle Station map Muzzle Station, Clarence Valley

Muzzle Station is one of the most remote high-country sheep and cattle stations in New Zealand. This remoteness makes Muzzle Station bees some of the most remote honey bees in New Zealand.

The 30,000 hectare Muzzle Station is located in the Clarence Valley which is nestled amongst the 6000ft Kaikoura Ranges in central Marlborough in New Zealand's South Island. The rugged valley is known for its hot, dry summers and wild landscape. Muzzle Station is only accessible by air in a light plane when the weather is good or by road on a four-wheel drive track during summertime.