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 Cheese Pairing Honey Collection

Cheese Pairing Honey Collection

NZ$ 13.87 (excl. GST)

Certified Organic
We are delighted to present you with our favourite cheese and honey pairings, these suggestions will delight your senses with their unique textures, flavours and aromas. The three honey varietals contained in this collection pack are Wild Thyme, Blue Borage and Kamahi.


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  •    Weight: 3 x 40g net jar
  •    Vintage: Various
  •    Beekeeper: Various
  •    Location: Various

These selected honeys originate from three of the most diverse regions of New Zealand, Wild Thyme from Butchers Dam in Central Otago, Blue Borage, (Vipers Bugloss) from Muzzle Station in the Clarence Valley and Kamahi from 'Jacksons' on the isolated West Coast.