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NZ Native Botanicals Collection

NZ Native Botanicals Collection

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Certified Organic
We bring you a taste of New Zealand at its purest. The perfect gift for any honey lover, these varietals are unique to New Zealand Containing three hand packed glass jars featuring Manuka, Pohutukawa and Kamahi Honey. The perfect gift for any food lover this collection of New Zealand Native honey varietals are sourced from our unique New Zealand landscape.


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  •    Weight: 3 x 40g net jar
  •    Vintage: Various
  •    Beekeeper: Various
  •    Location: Various

Our beekeepers carefully place their hives amidst dense Manuka bush growing in Addisons Flat on the West Coast to harvest the Manuka Honey, by flowering Pohutukawa trees on the rugged coastline at Waitete Bay on the Coromandel Peninsula to harvest the Pohutukawa Honey and amongst Kamahi bush growing in the remote rainforest at Jackson's on the West Coast to harvest the Kamahi Honey.